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United Community Coin


Community driven cryptocurrency

United Community Coin (UCC) is a fully decentralized Community Project which will offer swaps for abandoned coins where is no leadership at all.
It all begun with Adirondack - the DEVs left after Exchange-Listing and making Money. Short Time later at ITIS and WILO happened the same.
These 3 Coins will be swapped in first phase.

But we will not only offer swaps, we are going to create a great Community where we will support newbies to the Crypto-World by analysing new Coins on the Market and make Reviews. These Reviews we will certify and the Projects can show our Certificate on their Website. This Service will be Free at the beginning.

We will help Projects where the chain gets stuck or the Developers run away. We try to let the Projects continue with their initial Idea - in such case we only assist to revive the Project. If all fails we are here to offer swaps to lost Communities.

We will have a Government System where the Community Members have the ability to make Proposals for new Projects, these Projects can then be founded by other Community Members who like the idea (somehow like Crowd-funding in Crypto-Currency). We hope that new Projects stands up out of these Ideas and we can provide a good starting ground for this by having Members who offer help.

Also we will make Masternode Raffle's and give the earnings to charity organizations.

We will develop a *bay-like trading platform where Members can trade real world things and pay&sell with UCC Coins.

Our Wallet is forked from the brand new XDNA Wallet. As a Result our Members can use the Tripple Node Technology (3 Masternode Levels), the GitGun Algo which ensures a steady income to the miners by adjusting the block reward to the hashrate and we will use also the unique HEX Algorithm. Thanks to XDNA, it's really a great Project!







Christian (fly) - Germany

Dwayne (do2600) - Texas

Steve (SD46143) - Indiana

Robert (Robbowz) - Norway